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Acupuncture and Holistic Care

Age: 12 years 9 months     Diagnosis: Acute Hind Limb Paralysis    Breed: Siamese

Lisa woke up to find her playful Siamese cross, Matisse, unable to walk or use his back leg. He was agitated and extremely uncomfortable. Without hesitation she rushed her kitty to Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center during our urgent care hours to be evaluated. Dr. Cesar Vega was able to exam him. During his evaluation he took radiographs and determined that Matisse had an acute disorder of his spinal cord. Two things came to mind; Matisse either had a herniated intervertebral disc in his lower back or had a stroke to his spinal cord. Due to the complete dysfunction of his legs and bladder, his prognosis for walking again was guarded without neurosurgery. Since spinal surgery was not an option, Dr. Vega referred Matisse and his family to Dr. Summer Godfrey at our sister hospital Feline Veterinary Center for holistic therapy.

During Matisse's first visit with Dr. Godfrey at Feline Veterinary Center, she noted he was active with his front legs and behaved with curiosity. He already seemed at home in our cat centered office. He had no function in his back legs, but he did have some tone in his muscles and a bright spirit. Due to the compression on his spine, he could not urinate on his own. This causes a large urinary bladder and discomfort in addition to his non weight bearing back legs. On initial exam, he had visible blood in his urine from straining and stress.

Matisse is a wonderful, high spirited feline, but he does not allow the administration of medication at home. After his holistic evaluation which takes into account the pet's personality, whole body and spirit, Dr. Godfrey and Lisa decided on a program of acupuncture and cold laser.
Like many of our feline acupuncture patients, Matisse was active throughout his acupuncture session, but he tolerated his needles extremely well. The acupuncture needles help increase blood flow, reduce swelling and help with over all body balance.

The cold laser was used over his lower back and his bladder to reduce inflammation and inhibit pain. This modality works at the cellular level by increasing cell respiration.

At four weeks of continued care from his initial injury, Matisse, was successfully able to regain mobility and walk. While Lisa and Matisse have a long road ahead to regain his bladder function, it is improving. He no longer has any blood in his urine and can urinate some on his own. He still needs the help of our feline focused staff at Feline Veterinary Center where they will regularly express his bladder to increase his chances of independence.

Matisse we commend you for your fight and strength to overcome these challenges. Thank you for allowing us to help you regain function and quality of life.