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Age: 12 years 3 months     Diagnosis: Hypothyroidism    Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Like many of our feline friends, Lucky chose her owners. She came across the Busey household and decided to call it home. Lee Busey and his family were hesitant to take her in as they were allergic to kitties. At the time, 9 years ago, Lee was on the board of Tri Valley Animal Rescue. He took Lucky to the rescue to be adopted. He decided a few days later, that his family was not the same and he paid full adoption fees to bring Lucky back to his home.

Lucky started to lose weight, but was eating fine and acting normally. Lee brought her into Feline Veterinary Center for her annual checkup. Her exam was normal other that weight loss, and a little dehydration. Lee agreed to run a senior blood panel on Lucky. Her blood revealed a hormone disorder called hyperthyroidism. This is when the thyroid gland produces too much hormone. Side effects of this over produced hormone include high blood pressure, weight loss, vomiting and new behaviors such as vocalizing at night. A cat does not need to show all of these changes to have this disease. Many show only one or two clinical signs. Humans have described the disease as feeling like you have drank 12+ cups of coffee.
Lucky loves her outdoor life style. Taking medications every day was not in her personal plan. Lanny tried liquid medication. Lucky would take this, but it was not her favorite. Dr.Godfrey told Lucky's family about i131 treatment. This is a permanent treatment for hyperthyroidism. There are no daily pills, liquids or topical creams necessary.

In October, Lucky's family booked her i131 treatment with radiocat. She stayed at the medical facility for a few days and was injected with a safe radioiodine therapy. It successfully stopped the thyroid tissue from making excess hormone. Lucky has returned to Feline Veterinary Center for several well checks. She has gained weight, her hydration is normal and her energy is great. She had no negative side effects from the treatment.