Feline Medical Center's goal is to provide compassionate care for you and your cat. We provide a calm, comfortable and quiet environment better suited for cats.

Our staff is composed of people who own cats themselves, know cats and love cats. We understand that cats have their own personalities and must be treated gently, with love and respect.

Our Focus
By treating only cats, our doctors
are able to focus their continuing
education, therefore providing the most
up-to-date treatments available.

• Emphasis on preventative health care
• Vaccination programs specifically tailored
   to your cats' needs
• In-house lab work - important for   critically ill patients and pre-anesthetic   screening
• High quality dentistry, including x-rays
• Radiology
• Geriatric medicine
• Critical Care
• Full Surgical Services
• Professional Grooming
• Luxury boarding tailored to fit your cat's   needs