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Lauren Szyszka
Client Service Representative

Feline Medical Center is excited to have Lauren as one of our talented Client Service Representatives! Lauren had previously worked at our partner practice, Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care for almost 3 years.  We're lukcy to have Lauren and her high caliber of client service.  

In addition to being excellent at her job, Lauren takes on additional work responsibilities including coordinating the Blood Donor program and very popular "Vet for a Day" program at BRVC! Lauren has incredible rapport with clients and fellow staff and certainly spreads joy to whomever she works with.

Not only does Lauren always come to work with a smile on her face but also has a solid work ethic. Lauren is kind hearted and caring with patients and is wonderful with clients!

She has two dogs, Venus (8yrs old) and Duce (5yrs old). Both are Pitbull mixes and are actually mother and son! Lauren adopted Venus 7 years ago, she had one litter of puppies when Lauren decided to keep one! Both dogs are great with Lauren's son and they love each other so much.  In Lauren's spare time, she likes to take her son and two dogs out to the park so they can release some energy by running around until dinner time!

Hospital Cat

In 2014, Bruce’s owner was contemplating whether or not to euthanize due to his age and the owners facing a big move into a new house.  Bruce was an outdoor cat and according to the owner wouldn't use a litter box and she didn't want to upset him by moving him indoors.  With some FMC lobbying (because we all fell in love with Bruce), the owner agreed to sign him over to us and that's how he became one of our resident hospital cats!  

Hospital Cat

Elle originally came in with severe dermatitis, FAD, eosinophilic dermatitis and the owner could not do treatment and elected to euthanize.  We all fell in love with Elle’s personality and knew we could treat her back to health and couldn't think of euthanizing her! So, we asked for owner to sign her over to our care.  Gratefully, with antihistamines and regular flea control Elle was treated back to health and loves being an FMC resident hospital cat!  

Scott Pritchard
Veterinary Technician

I have been working in the veterinary industry for the past 4 years and have enjoyed every moment.  I am a technician assistant and it has been my favorite position because of all the hands on time I get with the animals.  I enjoy doing treatment on the animals because it is rewarding to help creatures who can’t necessarily ask for help themselves.  I have been working for FMC since October 2011 and enjoy working with our clients and making sure their feline pets feel like family. 

Outside of my time at FMC, my hobbies include gardening, fishing, hiking, looking for wild reptiles and amphibians, and tending to all my critters.  I have a dog named Bruce, 3 cats (Nimitz, Brew, & Tommy), 4 tortoises, 5 tree frogs, 6 horned frogs, 1 Budgett’s frog, 1 reticulated python, 6 ball pythons, 2 hognose snakes, 1 rosy boa, 1 blue tongue skink, 4 leopard geckos, 1 panther chameleon, and bunch of rats that I breed!  During my time away, I like to go to Lake Tahoe, Pinecrest Lake and visit family in Maui.

I like working at FMC because cats are the next best thing to exotics! They are (in my opinion) more of a challenge to work on than canines. I also like working here because of how close everyone is and how well we get along!

​Anjela Rocha
Anesthetic and Dental Technician

Margaret Simuro
Hospital Administrator

Margaret is a graduate of UC San Diego and Purdue University. A veterinary technician for more than 10 years with experience in emergency and critical care, she has managed multiple veterinary hospitals. Always on the go, she enjoys traveling, gardening, sailing and spending time with her German Wirehaired Pointer Kiel, her cat Vinny, and Captain Jack, a California Desert Tortoise.

Christina Keas
Director of Human Resources

A graduate from CSUH with a degree in psychology, Christina has worked for Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center & Urgent Care since its inception in 2000 and is now the Director of Human Resources Director for Feline Medical Center (aquired by BRVC in 2014).

An integral part in the growth of the hospital, Christina has held various leadership roles including reception, veterinary technician, and hospital supervisor.

Christina oversees the management over 100 employees. Christina lives in Oakley wither two little girls, husband and their dog Colby, a rescued Labrador Retriever from Golden Gate Lab Rescue.

​Rachel Ray
Boarding Manager

As Boarding Manager, her main focus is creating an environment in which her team can provide individualized experiences to clients and patients. She is a passionate advocate for our patients, especially those with special handling and behavioral needs in Boarding. "It means alot to me to give our clients peace of mind while they are away, knowing that their pets are in good loving hands."

Rachel also really enjoys training team members and helping them reach their full potential. "It's an absolute joy to work with people who share my passion".

When she isn't working, Rachel enjoys spending time with her son and family. She has a wide variety of pets including reptiles, cats, a dog, and a koi pond.